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Yahoo and Twitter Partnership — What’s Next? Facebook and Hotmail?

February 24, 2010

I suppose it was only a matter of time before social media also integrated it’s way into an email client, but there is this part of me that figured it would be Google over any others. Now that Google has created it’s own form of  social media and community with Buzz, it leaves other big players open for partnerships with social media companies. What next….Facebook and Hotmail?

“An hour ago, we learned that Twitter and Yahoo struck a content-sharing deal. Now we have details on what that exactly entails.

We knew that the Yahoo-Twitter partnership would be comprehensive and more encompassing than Twitter’s search partnerships with Google and Bing, but now Yahoo tells us that the integration will focus on three primary areas:

  • Access to your Twitter feed on Yahoo: On Yahoo Mail, Sports, the homepage, and other Yahoo properties, you will be able to check the most recent tweets of your friends.
  • Ability to update status from Yahoo: Yahoo will become a Twitter client, allowing you to update your status from multiple locations on Yahoo. We’re not sure if this is going to be through widgets or another method.
  • Yahoo Search and media integration: Public Twitter updates will be integrated throughout Yahoo Search, News(), Finance, and Entertainment, among other properties.

Yahoo will have full access to the Twitter data firehose, so you can expect real-time updates in Yahoo Search, among other integrations. They will use tweets to improve relevancy, freshness, and search results, as well as “drive deeper user engagement.”

The first integration will be available “immediately,” and that is the real-time search integration. This brings Yahoo Search in line with its competitors in terms of real-time data. You can probably expect this to launch fully later tonight or early tomorrow. As for the other integrations, they will launch later this year.”

View to article from Mashable here.

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