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ZipList Creates Sharable Grocery Lists from Thousands of Recipes

February 24, 2010

Wow I can’t believe that something like this finally exists.  As someone who has a passion for cooking, this program will definitely make my life WAY easier…when it comes to food shopping. 🙂

This comes from a section of Mashable that discusses great new start-up ideas–small businesses thriving!

Quick Pitch: ZipList is a free online shopping list and recipe service that makes it easy to share and add ingredients with one click.

Genius Idea: ZipList gives you the tools to create, store, and share a family grocery shopping list on the web. The list can be accessed by almost any device with a web browser, or you can share it in an e-mail or SMS text message. Of course, you can also print out an old-fashioned paper list if you prefer that.

The web-based shopping list interface lets you specify which store an item is available at — you can even specify the aisle. There’s also an option to add notes about coupons or anything else that’s pertinent to whichever household member goes to the store to pick the groceries up.

Read the full article from Mashable here.

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